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This is a community-supporting municipal public green space, urban public open space. The site is the core area of the future development of Shangyu in Shaoxing, and the site is the starting point of the southern end of the Laobaili River Greenway, surrounded by communities, small and narrow. Therefore, the definition of this green space can be interpreted as: a small site carries a big future. While solving the problem of the site, we envisioned such a small accident and wanted to give the city a green gift full of expectations. With the story line of "a super-mini nova attracted by the earth's magnetic field and landed into the ground", a land art park was created, and the super-mini star disappeared, but the indelible traces left on the site formed an interesting form and activity space, including: folded hills, meteorite squares, rock forest squares, hill parks, winding water parks, etc., these spaces are full of interaction and rich experiences.





项目名称: 绍兴mini超新星社区公园
完成年份: 2021.10
景观面积: 8000㎡
项目地点: 浙江省绍兴市

Project name: Mini Supernova Community Park
Completion: 2021.10
Landscape area: 8000㎡
Location: Shaoxing, Zhengjiang Province, China


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