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The original site of the building next to Salome Garden was Yichang Old Cinema, which started in 1946 and was called Salome Cinema at that time. After liberation, it was renamed Liberation Cinema. It used to be the collective memory of the last generation of Yichang citizens. When talking about it, the older generation of Yichang people can still recall their beautiful youth. Now the original site of Jiefang Cinema has already become a bar, and the only thing left may be ten towering old camphor trees in front of the gate to witness history, while the former collective memory has become an old photo and poster sealed in the city hall.

莎乐美花园旁的建筑原址是宜昌老电影院,伊始于1946 年,在那个时代被称为莎乐美电影院,解放后改名为解放电影院。这里曾经是上一代宜昌市民的集体记忆,至今谈论起来,老一辈的宜昌人仍然能回忆起当年的美好青春。如今的解放电影院原址早已成为一家酒吧,唯一留下的可能只有门前见证历史的十棵窜天高的老香樟树,而曾经的集体记忆已成为封存在城市馆的里的老照片和老海报中。




项目名称: 宜昌云集路莎乐美花园
完成年份: 2022.10
景观面积: 42000㎡
项目地点: 湖北省宜昌市

Project name: Yunji road urban renewal Salome Garden
Completion: 2022.10
Landscape area: 42000㎡
Location: Yichang, Hubei Province, China


01 莎乐美花园 繁玺 拷贝.jpg
07 莎乐美花园 LEO 拷贝.jpg
08 莎乐美花园 LEO 拷贝.jpg
03 莎乐美花园 繁玺 拷贝.jpg
06 莎乐美花园 LEO 拷贝.jpg
02 莎乐美花园 繁玺 拷贝.jpg
20 莎乐美花园 LEO 拷贝.jpg
23 莎乐美花园 LEO 拷贝.jpg
21 莎乐美花园 LEO 拷贝.jpg
22 莎乐美花园 LEO 拷贝.jpg
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