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The renovation of Yunji Park broke through the rigid boundary between sidewalks and the park after demolishing the walls and allowing for greenery. The design attempted to blur this boundary, blending urban slowways and green public spaces into a soft, transparent, more inclusive, and civic open space. At this time, the urban slow lane is not only part of urban transportation, but also integrated into the park space, and the boundary of the park is not only the open space of the park, but also the flexible boundary of the urban pedestrian path. The opening of boundaries is not only about demolishing walls, but also about providing people with the opportunity to quickly reach the interior of the park from a spatial perspective. The flowing lines connect the interior and exterior spaces of the park, allowing urban life to integrate into the interior of the park space. Following the original demands of the site, a comfortable sunken space under the forest is opened up. The curves outlined by the flowing space allow the site to fluctuate in height, while the flowing space is open and closed, reducing the height difference brought by the inside and outside of the park and urban roads. This brings a garden trail that quickly reaches the core water features of the park, as well as terrace gardens, activity squares, etc.





项目名称: 宜昌云集路云集公园
完成年份: 2022.10
景观面积: 42000㎡
项目地点: 湖北省宜昌市

Project name: Yunji road urban renewal Yunji Park

Completion: 2022.10
Landscape area: 42000㎡
Location: Yichang, Hubei Province, China


01 云集花园 繁玺 拷贝.jpg
09 云集花园 繁玺 拷贝.jpg
05 云集花园 繁玺 拷贝.jpg
22 云集花园 繁玺 拷贝.jpg
15 云集花园 繁玺 拷贝.jpg
20 云集花园 繁玺 拷贝.jpg
16 云集花园 繁玺 拷贝.jpg
24 云集花园 繁玺 拷贝.jpg
24 云集花园 繁玺 拷贝.jpg
24 云集花园 繁玺 拷贝.jpg
24 云集花园 繁玺 拷贝.jpg
12 云集花园 繁玺 拷贝.jpg
17 云集花园 繁玺 拷贝.jpg
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