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Use local cultural symbols to weave to build such an urban life field, so that each place becomes a scene of future life, so that each picture can be perceived, interpreted, remembered, become a part of the city picture, and become a part of the meaning of life.





项目名称: 朗诗苏州太湖朗郡
完成年份: 2023.05
景观面积: 4000㎡
项目地点: 江苏省苏州市

Project name: Yunji road urban renewal Drawer Garden
Completion: 2023.05
Landscape area: 4000㎡
Location: Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, China


DSCF2630-Pano (1) 拷贝.jpg
DSC04163 拷贝.jpg
DSC04344 (1) 拷贝.jpg
DSCF2713-Pano (1) 拷贝 3.jpg
DSC04319 (1) 拷贝.jpg
DSC04246 拷贝.jpg
DSC04246 拷贝.jpg
DJI_0894 拷贝.jpg
DSCF2628-Pano (1) 拷贝.jpg
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