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Due to the continuous reconstruction of the city, the original site here has a unique spatial texture. There are small bridges hanging in the air, which are connected with the second floor of the street facing building. The elevation of the first floor of the building is below the road elevation, forming a road to the community. Over the years of urban development, these small bridges stand on the street side, forming a unique small three-dimensional traffic style, providing rich space possibilities for the sidewalk border. They are like street drawers, flexible for shops and citizens, so they are called drawer gardens. The bridge railings are designed to be wrapped with 50 degree grey steel plates commonly used in the whole Yunji Road, which, on the one hand, forms rows of spatial interfaces, on the other hand, appropriately blocks the messy view interface of the building, and then forms a unique and interesting drawer garden with carefully configured perennial flowers.

由于城市的不断改建,此处原场地具有独特的空间肌理,一座座悬空而起的小桥,与临街建筑的二层相连,建筑一层的标高位于道路高程之下,形成进入社区的道路。多年的城市发展,这些小桥屹立于街边,形成了独特的小型立体交通风貌,为人行道边界提供了丰富的空间可能性,如一个个街道抽屉一般,灵活的供商铺及市民使用,因此将其称为抽屉花园。设计用整条云集路通用的50 度灰钢板将桥栏杆整体包裹,一方面形成了鳞次栉比的空间界面,另一方面也适当阻隔了建筑一层凌乱的视线界面,再搭配以精心配置的多年生花境,形成了独特有趣的抽屉花园。




项目名称: 宜昌云集路抽屉花园
完成年份: 2022.10
景观面积: 42000㎡
项目地点: 湖北省宜昌市

Project name: Yunji road urban renewal Drawer Gar
Completion: 2022.10
Landscape area: 42000㎡
Location: Yichang, Hubei Province, China


06 抽屉花园 YC.JPG
03 抽屉花园 繁玺.jpg
02 抽屉花园 繁玺.jpg
09 抽屉花园 YC.JPG
07 抽屉花园 YC.JPG
05 抽屉花园 繁玺.jpg
01 抽屉花园 繁玺.jpg
11 抽屉花园 YC.JPG
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