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The project is located in Xiangcheng District, Suzhou, 3 kilometers away from Yangcheng Lake. Geographically speaking, it is a residential product that is highly oriented towards geopolitical customers. From a timeline perspective, the demonstration area is currently serving as a display area and will serve as the main entrance to the community in the future. Reducing demolition and renovation while showcasing future life is a prerequisite that projects must meet. So we validated the current design boundary with the future living boundary in the limited space of partial demolition and renovation, folding the current display space with the future living space, and using a functional return home route to test the touring style visiting route. Space, route, and scenery are constantly woven, interwoven, and folded between the present and the future. All design elements are also constantly woven under the management of route, experience, and visual management Interleaving and folding.





项目名称: 中国铁建 · 花语熙园
完成年份: 2022.02
景观面积: 4000㎡
项目地点: 江苏省苏州市

Project name: China Railway Construction · Huayu Xiyuan
Completion: 2022.02
Landscape area: 4000㎡
Location: Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, China


DSF9157-Pano 拷贝1 拷贝.jpg
DSF9159-Pano 拷贝1 拷贝.jpg
DSC04346 拷贝.jpg
DSC04357 拷贝1 拷贝.jpg
DJI 0046 拷贝.jpg
DSC04295 拷贝.jpg
d39980f7fdf1c48456bf93d51cfbf18 拷贝.jpg
DJI 0070.jpg
DJI 0056 拷贝.jpg
DSC04304 拷贝.jpg
DSC04267 拷贝.jpg
DSC04283 拷贝.jpg
DJI 0058.jpg
DSC04264 拷贝.jpg
DSC04252 拷贝.jpg
DSC04273 拷贝.jpg
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