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As the first node at the west end of Yunji Road, it is the first gateway to Yunji Road from Yanjiang Avenue. On one side of Yanjiang Avenue is Yichang Binjiang Park along the Yangtze River, which is a popular place for Yichang citizens to have daily leisure and recreation. Here, taking a time corridor as a starting point, and taking the wall lettering and lighting corridor as a carrier, a cultural scroll is launched outdoors, so that citizens can read the past and present life of Yunji Road after leisure walk.





项目名称: 宜昌云集路时光长廊
完成年份: 2022.10
景观面积: 42000㎡
项目地点: 湖北省宜昌市

Project name: Yichang Yunji Road Time Gallery
Completion: 2022.10
Landscape area: 42000㎡
Location: Yichang, Hubei Province, China


01 时光长廊.jpg
07 时光长廊.jpg
03 时光长廊.jpg
10 时光长廊.jpg
02 时光长廊.jpg
04 时光长廊.jpg
05 时光长廊.jpg
12 时光长廊.jpg
08 时光长廊.jpg
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