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The project is located in Nanchang Bay Lixi Mountain, which is famous for Hongya Danjing. The main landscape design focus of this project is how to make full use of the limited space defined by architecture, and skillfully take advantage of the situation of Bay Lixi Mountain, reconstruct the space theme, create impressive sample area space, and construct the pocket space suitable for urban activities to meet the needs of residents in the future. 

The design finally determines that the landscape space in the bay is folded with modernist design logic, expresses the Hongya landscape abstractly in geometric form, integrates the view of Hongya bright moon into the space theme, and combines the space elements such as glass brick, height difference, sculpture, lighting and so on to create the scene of "A bright moon rising slowly from the sea" to create a modern Hongya landscape painting volume. At the same time, the project carefully designs the spatial texture corresponding to the folding technique at the boundary of the site, so as to guide the visiting mentality and walking movement.





项目名称: 南昌正荣湾棠
完成年份: 2019.06
景观面积: 2000㎡
项目地点: 江西省南昌市

Project name: Zhengrong Wantang
Completion: 2019.06
Landscape area: 2000㎡
Location: Nanchang, Jiangxi Province, China


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