The Northern New Town of Shangyu City in Shaoxing is a new political, economic and cultural center and a high living standard area in the near future. The park is located at the southern starting point of the Laobaili River greenway in the new city. Relative to the urban scale, the site is a small green land of 8,000 ㎡ along the Laobaili River. A story is brought to the site to light up this green corner of the city. One day, a super-mini supernova, passing by the earth's magnetic field, accidentally slipped out of its orbit, pierced the atmosphere, and fell into a field. Because of its mini size, the super nova caused only a 30 meter radius of fragmentation when it fell, shake the land up and downs, made a long scratch in the field by the surface resistance, stacked up thick folds then finally disappeared at the end.





项目名称: MINI超新星社区公园

完成年份: 2021.10

观面积: 8000㎡

项目地点: 浙江省绍兴市

Project name: MINI Supernova Community Park

Completion: 2021.010

Landscape area: 8000㎡

Location:  Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province, China


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