The project is located at the bank of Wujiang Fen Lake in Suzhou, which is based on the national policy of integration of Yangtze River Delta to create a contemporary cultural residential environment exhibition area. In such space defined by the sales office, high-rise, car park, fire fighting control, the challenge facing the designer is how to do a glimpse of Fen Lake landscape between the square inch, combined with the visit moving line, viewing mood, space transformations, and ultimately complete a demonstration area. Therefore, "Water and Light flow, the transformation of Time and Space" has become the design theme, The combination of architecture and moving lines naturally gives birth to a Five-Chong experience of space, in which, with ink as the spatial tone, landscape turns, terrain changes, nine images of the scene also surface throughout the all site. 





项目名称: 苏州汾湖云樾
完成年份: 2019.12
景观面积: 6600㎡
项目地点: 江苏省苏州市

Project name: Suzhou Fenhu Yunyue
Completion: 2019.12
Landscape area: 6600㎡
Location: Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, China


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YANG9224 拷贝_看图王.jpg
DJI_0846 拷贝_看图王.jpg
DJI_0847 拷贝_看图王.jpg
JAM00850-Pano 拷贝 -_看图王.jpg
YANG9172 拷贝_看图王.jpg
DSC08417 拷贝_看图王.jpg
YANG9230 拷贝_看图王.jpg
DSC08387 拷贝.jpg
YANG9192 拷贝_看图王.jpg
JAM00868-Pano 拷贝_看图王.jpg
JAM00914-Pano 拷贝_看图王.jpg
YANG9194 - 副本 拷贝_看图王.jpg
DJI_0852 拷贝_看图王.jpg