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The overall theme of the project is "WATER", which is a green leisure tourism holy land with an area of nearly ten thousand acres by the Eco-tourism zone of Wenyu River. It is "under the mountains - hot spring into the island of the river; the forest where the elves and strange animals haunt and adventure happen; the haunt of the magic elves in the island of the Forest Island" For the story clues, to create a wonderful tour of art elves between Hot Spring Island.





项目名称: 北京温都水城度假区
完成年份: 2019.11
项目面积: 65000㎡
项目地点: 北京市

Project name: Wendu WaterPark Resort
Completion: 2020.11
Project area: 65000㎡
Location:  Beijing, China
evelopment Co., Ltd


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