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HID is a new generation of design power with energetic, enterprising, which growing up on contemporary Chinese design environment. With oriental thinking, modern design education and years of practical practice of various types of exercises, HID try to break through interdisciplinary barriers between the design field, building the design logic on the spatial logic of modern life, focusing on the contemporary frontier and rooting the design method on the study of natural resources and cultural resources in the field, so as to creatively solve the problem of the place to find the best site solution.  


In the whole process of HID design, the cautious exploration and thinking of aesthetics, the whole process of high-quality design services, and the deep participation of the construction and construction process, ensure the maturity and grounding of the project design. Therefore, in the continuous accumulation, we pursue the high quality of design, strive to improve the scientific and sustainable nature of the project, and provide a high quality living environment for the contemporary society, which ultimately leads to a deep lifestyle.

HID翰地景观是充满活力、锐意进取、在当代设计土壤上成长起来的新生代设计力量。东方的原生思维、现代的设计教育及多年的各类型项目实践,让HID将设计建立在现代生活的空间图式逻辑之上,在着眼于当代前沿的设计手法的同时,又根植于在地的自然及文化研究,力求创造性的解决场所问题,寻找最佳空间解决方案。 在设计全过程中,HID希望通过对美学的谨慎探索与思考以及全程化的设计服务,充分保证项目设计的成熟性和落地性。通过负责任的空间构建、场地设计细节把控,实现可改善社会环境的多维空间,进而改善环境空间中的人们的生活。

HID Team

Leo Wu | 吴昊
Founder & Director
Louise Zhang | 张璐
Co-Founder & Director
Katalina Mavares
Art Director
Yujiang He | 何玉江
Technical Director
Caixia Zhou | 周彩霞
Operations Manager
Henry Shen | 沈华枢
Senior Plant Designer
Rachel Zheng | 郑司南
Senior Designer
Sheldon Xu | 徐晓振
Senior Designer
Bernie Zhang | 张志博
Senior Designer
Rachel Wang | 王姁
​Branding Manager
Yajing Yan | 严雅静
Landscape Designer
Anne Dai | 戴安妮
Landscape Designer
Natasha Zhou | 周广娟
Landscape Designer
Shuaiyi Wang | 王帅艺
Landscape Designer
Qiong Huang | 黄琼
Landscape Designer
Shiyu Zheng | 郑诗语
Landscape Designer
Bernard Liu | 刘文衡
Landscape Designer
Jianyu Xu | 周建宇
Landscape Designer
Yunkun Shang | 尚煜坤
Landscape Designer
Zhitao Xu | 徐志韬
Landscape Designer
Peiqi Cai | 蔡佩其
Landscape Designer
Xiangyu Dong | 董翔宇
Landscape Designer
Qian Lu | 陆倩
Landscape Designer
Mingjie Tang | 唐铭婕
Landscape Designer

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