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The project is located in Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province, we use a 10-degree rotation to pry open a space rich in Zen dimensions, see the shadow gallery, watch the ripple shadow, taste the stone phase, leak the skylight, meet the water wave, cross the water of the flying hong, through the forest of trees, and can be idle under the wood, walk alone in the forest, and sit in the green hill. There are many things, roughly speaking, it is a broad step by step, and the detailed taste is the natural Zen after the space rotates 10 degrees.

项目位于江苏省苏州市,我们用 10 度的旋转撬开了一个富有禅意维度的空间,见影廊,观涟影,品石相,漏天光,遇水波,跨水之飞鸿,穿桕之林,又可木下闲栖、林中独行、青丘入座。林林总总,粗谈来是宽泛的一步一景,细品来是空间旋转 10 度之后的自然禅。




项目名称: 中国铁建保利花语澜苑
完成年份: 2022.09
景观面积: 3500㎡
项目地点: 江苏省苏州市

Project name: CRCC 
Completion: 2022.09
Landscape area: 3500㎡
Location: Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, China


01 莎乐美花园 繁玺 拷贝.jpg
07 莎乐美花园 LEO 拷贝.jpg
08 莎乐美花园 LEO 拷贝.jpg
03 莎乐美花园 繁玺 拷贝.jpg
06 莎乐美花园 LEO 拷贝.jpg
02 莎乐美花园 繁玺 拷贝.jpg
20 莎乐美花园 LEO 拷贝.jpg
23 莎乐美花园 LEO 拷贝.jpg
21 莎乐美花园 LEO 拷贝.jpg
22 莎乐美花园 LEO 拷贝.jpg
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